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Production Line Design:We offer you a variety of free technical support, site survey, design, planning production of CAD drawings and a series of early planning. Once the plan was finalized, we will be in strict accordance with the technical parameters of the contract and pre-construction planning and design drawings and construction listen to the views and proposals to make reasonable changes to optimize the project. Construction completed, we also late personnel training and equipment lifetime technical support. We have a comprehensive pre-sales, sales, after-sales service system. Strong technical support and quality products. Let the entire purchase process has become a personal experience the pleasure of our company is the service concept.

Site survey design:We have professional and technical personnel, technical power, which can provide you with site survey, including field measurements, machinery design, equipment installation, plant size, as well as related investigations aided design, and we rely on strong technical, good for the credibility of your most are customized for your machine.

Equipment Update Service:With the increasingly fierce competition in society, the task of aggravating circumstances also attendant, many large and medium-sized enterprises can be purchased early on machinery, equipment has been aging. Companies view of this situation, I can provide you with updated equipment, including related equipment to update specific configuration, the replacement of equipment, production machinery certain online updates replacement.

Advisory services:We can not only provide their own products advisory material, but also can provide products outside of the Company and the Company machinery of the advisory material supporting products, including products of equipment, manufacturers properties. We are very pleased that you can call advice, this will give you a better understanding of products, the use of more efficient products, we will provide services to you in good faith forever! !

Equipment maintenance services:Where you bought the product, free of charge for spareparts within one year warranty. Out of warranty time, provide lifelong service, charged only the cost of parts replaced. Our company has a good service, timely and efficient for your product maintenance, this can be resolved to buy your worries for the future.

Transport services agent:Where in our company customers buy our machines,We will update the shipment to our customers daily until customers receiving the machines

Equipment supporting services: Our machines and your existing production lines with accessories, but also in our own production line to provide auxiliary machines. Gold at the same time is supported give us a better professional, technical, higher gold content.